Mojo vs Cydia Difference

Mojo Installer vs Cydia difference has to be one of the most popular topics of discussion just recently, mainly because it is an excellent option for those who are missing their jailbreak apps from Cydia. Mojo [about] is an app installer that lets you download modifications and external apps without having to apply a jailbreak to your device. While it doesn’t have as much on offer as Cydia does, Mojo does offer enough to make a difference to the stock iOS and at least give the illusion of being jailbroken.

Image : Mojo Installer vs Cydia Difference

Mojo is also an excellent choice for those who still feel that there is too much risk to jailbreaking. However, while this is a decent solution, it does not and never will offer anywhere near what Cydia does and simply cannot be compared to it. Let’s have a look at the biggest differences between Mojo Installer and Cydia:

Differences Between Cydia and Mojo Installer :

  • Compatibility with iOS – right now, we don’t have a whole lot of Cydia tweaks that are fully compatible with iOS 9 and Mojo does offer some for you to use. However, do keep in mind that the Mojo apps will never provide as much functionality as those in Cydia, nor will there be so many which is why most people use Mojo as an interim solution 
  • User Interface – The Cydia [ext link] interface is well-known by jailbreakers the world over so it is always going to be the best option for those who really can’t work with the stock iOS and want to break free of the Apple chains. However, Mojo is a much simpler interface although this is in direct correlation with the fact that it offers simpler apps. You do not need to know how to jailbreak and you do not need any technical knowledge to get to grips with the Mojo interface, while, to new jailbreakers at least, the Cydia interface may take some getting used to
  • Features – There are many options with Cydia, including the option to use apps that are not stock, allowing you to take advantage of lots of new features. Mojo will only allow you to use certain modifications to apps that are in the iOS app store
  • Price – Both are fee to download and the price you pay depends entirely on the tweaks that you download. Some are free, some will cost a small amount to cover the costs of developing it
  • Warranty – Apple has made no secret of the fact that jailbreaking could lead to a voided warranty but to do that, you have to take your device into an Apple store in a jailbroken state. Deleting the jailbreak is simple and the Apple Care staff will not know. Mojo is Safe [read more]. Mojo Installer is not compromising iOS security and you are not downloading anything that is unauthorized so, technically, Apple cannot void your warranty. You can easily Delete Mojo [tutorial] it before you take your device for repair and then reinstall it afterwards.

At the moment, because there is no jailbreak, you cannot install Cydia but, when the next one is released, the choice of which app installer you use – Mojo or Cydia – is entirely down to you and your personal preferences. If you want the full modification experience, choose Cydia; if you just want a few tweaks or a stop-gap, choose Mojo

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