How to Delete Mojo Installer

With a real shortage of usable jailbreaks around at the moment, some users are desperately seeking an alternative, a way of being able to modify the stock iOS and iOS store apps to increase the functionality of their iOS devices. Some of you might not want to jailbreak but still want a little bit of something extra on your devices and the answer lies in Mojo. Mojo [about] is an app installer that provides basic modifications to iOS apps without the need for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. You won’t find these modifications through the iOS app store but, by following our step by step tutorial you can easily download Mojo onto your device.

Image : Delete Mojo Installer from iPhone

The beauty of Mojo is that, once you have it, you can delete and install it at will without worrying about which iOS version you are on, as you do with jailbreaking. So, follow the steps careful to download Mojo and start modifying the stock iOS. If you come up against a Profile Installation Failed error, simply follow these steps to fix it. If you chose to delete Mojo, perhaps you don’t like it for some reason air another, the steps to uninstalling it are simple:

Deleting Mojo from your iPad or iPhone :

Method 1 :

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Profile
  3. Tap on Mojo Profile and then Delete Profile profile settings ios
  4. Mojo will now be gone from your device

Method 2 :

  1. Locate the app icon for Mojo Installer on your iOS device home screen 
  2. Tap and hold it until it begins wiggling
  3. Look for the “cross” in the corner of the wiggling app icon and tap on it
  4. A window will popup asking you if you want to delete Mojo, confirm by tapping on Delete 

Video : This video shows these steps being performed

Why you Should Try Mojo Installer :

There are lots of reasons why Mojo is worth downloading and, while it is not the same as Cydia, it is a good interim alternative while we wait for another jailbreak to arrive. More reasons why you should give Mojo a try:

  • You don’t need to jailbreak. Simply No Jailbreak .
  • You can use any host you want to fill your app repository, not just Mojo
  • There are lots of different packages to choose from, depending on your level of expertise and what you are looking for
  • You can use a Quick Search tool to find packages easily
  • You can track your package downloads through the Package History feature
  • You don’t need to be technically minded to Download Mojo Installer [tutorial link]
  • There are lots of useful apps that you can use, like a popular screen recorder tool called iRec
  • Mojo is simple to delete and install whenever you want to

If you want to try something new today, go ahead and download Mojo Installer. It may not be as comprehensive as Cydia but it is certainly worth using as a temporary solution.

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