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There seems to be a real lack of jailbreaks at the moment. A lot of jailbreakers will have been forced to update their iOS because of serious bugs that have been fixed in subsequent iOS releases. While we can’t say when there will be a jailbreak again, we can tell you that there is an interim solution. It isn’t Cydia [ext link] and it isn’t as comprehensive as jailbreaking but, with Mojo Installer about ], you can install some apps with extra features without having to jailbreak your iOS device. Some of these apps are not available on the iOS app store, like iRec [ext link], a very popular screen recorder app.

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The differences between Mojo and Cydia are many and we will talk more about that in another post but Mojo is better than nothing and is a decent solution for the interim. It isn’t the easiest of apps to install and you will need to follow the instructions carefully but once you get to grips with it, you won’t be disappointed.

Features of Mojo Installer :

  • No need to jailbreak to enjoy Mojo
  • The apps are not as in-depth as those on Cydia but you can tweak iOS app store apps
  • There are plenty of features to choose from and you can use the Quick Search tool to find them
  • Track your package download history easily

Steps to Download Mojo Installer :

Quick Links :

Android :

Method 1 : Safari Method

This is aimed at beginners, people who are not used to doing this kind of thing:

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device  
  2. Type one of these URLs in the address bar 
  3. When the page loads, tap on the UP arrow that you see . On the iPhone it is at the bottom of the screen and, on the iPad, it is at the top right corner .
  4. On the list of options that come up, tap on Add to Home Screen  
  5. Rename the app to Mojo and tap on Add  
  6. Shut Safari down and you will see the app icon on your home screen  

Video: The following video shows the above steps

Method 2 : Advanced

This is for more advanced users, those who are looking for deeper functionality:

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device. Now open this link in your iOS device [ link ] . This is a configuration profile for Mojo Installer that lets you install apps .
  2. You will now be taken to an installer page with a direct link that lets you install the app configurations profile onto your iPhone or iPad . Tap here mojo_installer2
  3. Tap on Install Profile on the next page and, if asked, input your passcode mojo_installer0
  4. The browser will now open again so tap on Install and then click on Continue when asked to do so
  5. Settings will open up; tap on Install and then Continue on the warning screen that appears
  6. Click on Done and Mojo Installer will be downloaded

Fixing Mojo Errors :

While this should on smoothly, some people have experienced a Profile Installation Failed error message. You can find the steps to fix that on this tutorial here.

This might seem like a bit of a tricky process but once you begin, you will get to grips with it. If you successfully download the Mojo app installer and decide you don’t like it, don’t worry. The steps to Delete Mojo can be found in the given link.

Using Mojo Installer :

Once you have successfully installed Mojo, the rest is a piece of cake .

  1. Open Mojo and add repos
  2. Download any of the apps that you want
  3. If you find that some won’t work after installation, this is because of a problem with the certificate. To fix that, go to Settings > General > Profile and then check Trust on each app that is giving you trouble ios9_settings_general_profile
  4. The apps will now launch and they will work properly

Rest assured that Mojo Installer is safe to use. It may not be the same as Cydia but it is definitely a better alternative than the stock iOS and the limitations that Apple places on it and you. It will certainly serve as a good alternative until we can jailbreak once again.

Do let us know what you think of Mojo and follow us on Facebook for free access to all the up to date tips and tutorials.

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  1. Thanks Mojo Team. I just got my Mojo installer on my iPhone. First thing that i downloaded was irec .

    cheers !!

    1. Congratulations on downloading Mojo Installer on your phone. ENjoy and let us know if you face any issues in the comments sections here .

    1. You are welcome. Let is know if there is any issue with the app installer. We are in the process of adding more repo sources to Mojo Manager .

  2. Help! He. I click the link to the direct download profile, I see “not verified” in red on my screen next to “signed”. What can I do?

  3. I have the same problem as the guy above. I tried following the steps for the profile, but still says not verfied. I also hit install multiple times to no avail. Help?

  4. Hello, I’m using an iPhone 6S Plus on the latest public beta of iOS 10. Mojo installed just fine, but when I try downloading gba4ios I keep getting the same problem when trying to install, it tries to install for a second then just says it cannot be downloaded…is there a fix for this?

  5. Since Mojo was installed on my iPad can’t get my emails from gmail or get on youtube is their a reason for this or is it not related in installing Mojo.

  6. Hi

    I have mojo on my iphone 6 with ios10 and I can’t download any app. It says “unable to download please try again”. says this with everything i try to download. what is the issue?

  7. I install Mojo just fine but the individual apps or whatever they’re called will not install. I get a message saying cannot be installed at this time. My options are done with ends the process or try again. Nothing works.

  8. Hello mojo team. I am running into a problem on my iPad where the apps on mojo will not download onto my device. Please help.

  9. I downloaded mojo to my iPad 10.2 version, it won’t install any apps, it says that app can not be installed at this time, any suggestions?

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