Jailbreaking used to be the one thing that iOS users looked forward to when a new iOS version was released. Unfortunately, we seem to have gone back a step or two and now jailbreaks are becoming very rare. Those who have still got one on their iOS devices are hanging on to them for dear life as we just don’t know when Cydia will be updated and released again. We have managed to find a few alternatives to Cydia, one of which is incredibly comprehensive. It is called FlekStore and it is available for download right now.

Image : FlekStore Download

What is FlekStore ?

FlekStore is the latest app installer released to let iOS users download their favorite apps and games without having to jailbreak. It is packed to the rafters with paid and premium content, tweaks, games, ringtones and so much more, all for free. It is easy to download, easy to use and is kept updated on a regular basis with all the latest content. There is something that will suit everyone in FlekStore and is, without a doubt, one of the best. Here are some of the best features of FlekStore [ext link].

FlekStore Features :

  • You don’t have to install Cydia to use FlekStore
  • Very easy to install and use
  • User-friendly interface that is simple to navigate 
  • Come up with your own apps and upload them to FlekStore
  • Loads of your favorite Cydia apps and tweaks, such as vShare [ext link], AirShou [ext link], Tweakbox and much more
  • The top selling games and apps, all yours for free
  • Developer updates are applied as soon as they are released
  • FlekStore is an active-community-driven app and is always up to date

How to Download FlekStore :

You will not be able to go to the iOS app store to download FlekStore; there is no way that Apple is going to allow this one in. In case you are concerned, FlekStore is very safe to use and will not cause you any trouble. You can, however, delete it easily if you are not happy with it or, in very rare cases, you can’t find what you are looking for. Check out the links below for all the information you need to install and use FlekStore. This process requires No Computer | No Jailbreak.

  1. Open Safari application and type in the url flekstore.org in the address bar. Tap on Go and let the web page load
  2. When the page loads up completely tap the UP arrow [ it will be at the top right or the bottom center of the screen as shown here ] 
  3. Now tap Add to Home Screen  options at the bottom of your screen   
  4. Name the app icon FlekStore and tap Add 
  5. Close Safari and go back to your home screen; you will see the FlekStore app icon 

Video: This will demonstrate the above steps

Do let us know if you are going to try FlekStore and what you think of it. Does it work for you as an alternative to Cydia ? Follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news.



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