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Millions of people own and use mobile devices every day of their lives and one of the top pastimes is sharing videos and photos with other people. The best way to do this is through an app called Instagram and the fact that it has more than 700 million users every month is testament to the popularity of the app. But it has a few fundamental features that, for some reason, the app developers didn’t include and that promoted the development and release of an app called Instagram++. Nothing to do with the official app, Instagram++ is a modified app with lots of different features included, enhancements that improve your user experience of the app so let’s see what you get.

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Instagram++ Features :

  • All the features of the stock app
  • Pick from full feed or thumbnail for feed type 
  • Display timestamps with custom date and time formats
  • Stop your Bio from being displayed in your profile
  • Stop comments from showing up in full feed
  • In Zoom mode, see image captions 
  • Use the iOS share sheet to make sharing easier
  • Double tap an image or video to share or download it
  • Long-press to zoom in
  • Download direct to your camera roll
  • Display HQ images in thumbnail 
  • No need to jailbreak

How to Download Instagram++:

To download Instagram++ you will need to install Mojo Installer first. Because Instagram++ is not an official app and is not recognized by Apple you can’t get it from their app store but using Mojo is very simple:

  1. Download Mojo installer app installer making sure to follow the linked instructions carefully  
  2. Open Mojo app and search for Instagram++ [ext link] 
  3. When the search results come up, tap the relevant one and wait for the installation to complete 

How to Stop Instagram++ Crashing :

Because of the way that you download Instagram++ ad because Apple doesn’t recognize it as valid, they will revoke the app certificate within a few days of you installing it and the app will crash. While you can easily reinstall it by following the above instructions, Apple will continue to revoke it but there is an easy way to fix this, simply install Anti Revoke after you have installed Instagram++ and it will protect the certificate and stop Apple revoking it. Find out all the details at the link below:

Instagram++ is a great app with plenty more features in addition to the stock ones. And, because you haven’t got to install a jailbreak first, many more people can enjoy using it, including those who have no interest in jailbreaking but still want some new features.
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