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Are you eagerly awaiting a new jailbreak ? The last few weeks have seen a couple of jailbreakers come up with apparent jailbreaks but nothing is being released publicly at this time, leaving us all high and dry for the time being especially if you had to update to iOS 10.1.1 to fix bugs. Don’t despair though because we do have a kind of solution for you in the form of Mojo App installer.

Image : Mojo Installer iOS 10.1.1 Download

This is not a jailbreak and it doesn’t matter what iOS version you are on – it will work. Mojo is similar in nature to Cydia, continuing a number of external apps and tweaks that you can apply to your iOS 10.1.1 device. The functionality it provides is not as deep as Cydia [ext link] but it is a more than adequate solution while we wait for a new jailbreak. If you want more information about Mojo, take a look here and then follow the installation steps below:

Install Mojo App Installer on iOS 10.1.1 :

We have two separate methods of installation – the first is for those who have no experience of installing external apps and the second is for the more advanced user.

Method 1 : Safari Method

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device ios 10 safari
  2. In the address bar, type one of these addresses in 
  3. Locate the UP arrow and tap on it – top of the page for iPad users and bottom for Phone users 
  4. A list of options will now appear – choose Add to Home Screen
  5. You will now be asked to name and save your app – call it Mojo and tap on Add   
  6. Close down Safari. That’s all you need to do , the Mojo Installer app icon will be on your home screen   

Video : These steps are explained in this video

Method 2 : Profile Download

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to this [ link ] where you will find information about Mojo
  3. This is an app installer page and you will see a link that reads, Install Directly from Your Device – click on it so that the Mojo configuration profile can be installed on your device
  4. Another page will open, telling you how to build a custom profile so click on Build Custom Profile
  5. The Install Profile page will open in your Settings app, click on Install and enter your passcode if needed
  6. Now Safari will open again – click the button that says Install Mojo
  7. A confirmation box will appear, click on Install
  8. You will be taken back the Profile page in Settings, tap on Install
  9. Now tap on Net, followed by Install on the warning screen
  10. Tap Install and then Done on the next page

Mojo is now installed on your iOS 10.1.1 device. Don’t worry if you can’t follow these instructions to start with – once you begin, you will find it much easier and Mojo will be installed in no time at ll. You can then start exploring the app installer and installing repositories like you do on Cydia.

Problems with Mojo :


Everything should go smoothly and you should not have any trouble with installing Mojo. There are two problems that a small handful of users have come up against but they are easy enough to fix. The first will be if an installed app doesn’t run. This is a certificate problems and can be fixed by opening Settings > General > Profile, finding the problem app and tapping on Trust. The second problem will be if you face a “Profile Installation Failed” error but you can find a tutorial on how to fix that here.

Tell us if you will use Mojo or prefer to wait for a new jailbreak. If you Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, we’ll let you now the minute a new jailbreak is released.




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