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With no jailbreak in sight for the foreseeable future, jailbreakers are starting to get a bit concerned. It’s been a long time since we have been able to download tweaks from Cydia to modify the stock iOS apps and use new third party ones to give us new and better features. With iOS 10 release , the iOS 10 Jailbreak [ext link] tweak developers have more features to work with but, without a jailbreak they are stuck in limbo long with the rest of us.

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There is a little hope on the horizon though and it comes in the shape of Mojo app installer. This is NOT a jailbreak and some of you may only want to use it as a temporary measure while we wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak . Mojo is similar in many ways to Cydia in that it allows you to download tweaks and external apps to give the stock iOS a significant boost in functionality. Some of the tweaks and apps available on Mojo cannot be found on the iOS app store, like the poplar screen recorder app, iRec.

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There are differences between Cydia and Mojo and you can read about those here but Mojo is a good solution for those who are waiting for a new jailbreak or for those who just want a bit more functionality on the stock iOS. If you follow the download steps carefully, you will soon have Mojo on your iOS device and can be modifying it, not quite to your hearts content, but to a reasonable standard.

Features of Mojo Installer for iOS 10 :

  • You don’t need to jailbreak to use Mojo Installer
  • The tweaks can be used on iOS app store and stock apps
  • You can add repositories to Mojo Sources
  • Use the built-in Quick Search tool to find packages
  • Track what you have downloaded with the Package History tool
  • Delete easily if you don’t like it

Installing Mojo Installer on iOS 10 :

All the methods to download Mojo Installer on iOS 10 are listed below with detailed instructions.

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Launch Safari on your iPad or iPhone 
  2. Input one of these in the address bar – 
  3. Tap on the UP arrow when the page loads – iPhone users will see it at the bottom of the screen while iPad users will find it at the top  
  4. Select and tap on Add to Home Screen from the options  
  5. Name your app as Mojo and tap on Add  
  6. Shut Safari and find the app on your home screen   

Video : Here is a Video Tutorial for the above steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

This is an advanced installation method:

  1. Launch Safari and visit this [ link ] 
  2. When the Mojo Installer information page opens, find and tap on Install Directly to iOS Device to allow the profile permission to install
  3. Your Settings app will open, tap the link to Install Profile
  4. Input your passcode if needed and Safari browser opens
  5. Tap the link to Install Mojo Installer and a confirmation window will pop up , tap on Install
  6. Now Settings opens automatically once more, tap Install > Next > Done
  7. Wait while Mojo is installed to your device 

If things don’t go to plan, the most likely cause is that you missed a step so try again

Method 3: Android Only

While Android users get to enjoy more features and functionality than the standard iOS platform provides, there are some things they cannot do and one of those is to tweak stock apps to give them more features. Now they can because Mojo Installer has been given support for Android and all the details, including a download guide, can be found in the link below:

Fix Mojo Not Working Issue :

While Mojo is a great installer, packed with useful content, it isn’t without its problems. Every user will find that, within a week of installing it, Mojo Installer will crash, and this is because Apple will revoke the certificate. They do this because the app certificate is not signed by them and isn’t considered valid, but you can get around this by downloading Anti Revoke [ext link]. This small tool will work to protect your app certificate, stopping Apple from revoking it. Get all the details and a download tutorial at the linked article.

Mojo Errors :

If you are unlucky you may come across one of two errors, neither of which is serious and neither of which is hard to fix. If you come against a Profile Installation Failed error, you can find the solution in the given link. If one of your installed Mojo apps doesn’t run, go to Settings > General > Profile. From there, locate the app on the list and tap on Trust. This is caused by an issue with the certificate and is easily solved. profile settings ios

How to Use Mojo on iOS 10 :

When Mojo has been installed on your device you can start to use it straight away. It is simple to use:

  1. Launch Mojo Installer
  2. Use Quick Search to find an app or tweak or install a repository for more choice
  3. Full instructions on downloading apps and tweaks is given in the app so just follow them.

Popular Mojo Apps :

Mojo Installer is packed with useful tweaks and apps, two of the more popular being:

Delta Emulator :

If you like to play old-school games console games on your device, then Delta Emulator is worth a look. It provides support for Nintendo and Gameboy games and the developers are hoping to add in support for other consoles at a later date.  Follow the link below for all the details and a download tutorial:

  • Download Delta Emulator

MovieBox :

MovieBox is one of the most downloaded apps of all time, making it dead simple to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on your device. Updates on a regular basis, MovieBox has all the latest episodes and a full range of HD movies that can be streamed or downloaded for offline watching. For full details and a download guide, click the link below:

Popular Mojo Alternatives :

Mojo Installer may have plenty to choose from but if it doesn’t have anything you want, check out one of these two alternatives:

Tutu App :

Tutu App has a lot of different content to choose from making it one of the most in-depth installers to be released. Take your pick from modified apps like Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++, premium content for free and some of the best Cydia tweaks. Find out how by following the linked article below:

Emus4U :

Lots of people used to jailbreak to download games emulators to play console games on their devices but that isn’t an option for some now. Emus4U brings those emulators back without having to install Cydia first, along with modified apps, premium apps for free and a few popular Cydia apps. The guide linked below gives you more details and a download tutorial:

What are your thoughts on Mojo as a gap filler while we wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak ? Follow us on Facebook for more up to the minute tutorials and tips.

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  1. Mojo Team, Do you have an email support or customer service ?, I have some technical questions, I hope your answer, thank you.

  2. Hey, i don’t have a mojo market i have only welcome at mojo 5 and a star and a cloud, but its not possible to add a source or to search an app, maybe i do anything wrong! Best regards

  3. i have mojo on my iphone 7 running 10.2, i set the date on my device before june 2010. but when i try to download an app it shown us and just says waiting. it has been trying to download for over an hour now. have i done something wrong?

    1. not the mojo application, downloading other application from the mojo 5 application list. in this instance i have trie game pad and kodi. neither will download. both just show them as waiting.

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