Mojo Installer iOS 9.3.2

iOS 9.3.2 firmware hasn’t been out all that long but we still hoped that we might have heard something from Taig or Pangu about a new jailbreak for it. If you are getting bored of waiting for a new jailbreak and really want to get back to modifying your device take a look at Mojo Installer . This is an app installer that is somewhat similar to Cydia [ read difference ] but without the depth and the vast choice we get with Cydia. You do not need to jailbreak with Mojo and can install a number of external apps and modifications to your device, giving you more function than the stock iOS.

Image : Mojo Installer iOS 9.3.2

Installing Mojo Installer on iOS 9.3.2 :

Method 1 : Easy

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPadsafari_ios_9
  2. Now go to either or 
  3. Find the Up arrow. It will be at the top right of the page on an iPad and the bottom on an iPhone
  4. Tap on it and then tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Give your app icon a name and tap on Add 
  6. Close down Safari and find the icon on your home screen 

Video :  The following video demonstrates these steps

Method 2 : Advanced

  1. Open Safari and visit this [ link ]
  2. Click on the link that says Install Directly from Your Device to install the Mojo Configuration Profile directly on to your device mojo_installer2
  3. A separate page will open, telling you how to build a custom profile – click on Build Custom Profile
  4. The Settings app will open to the Install Profile page – click on install and input your passcode mojo_installer0
  5. Safari will reopen, click on Install Mojo on the page that loads
  6. A confirmation box will show up, lick on Install
  7. You are now redirected back to Settings, to the Install Profile page, click on Install
  8. Tap Next > Install
  9. On the new page, click on Install > Done

Mojo app should now be fully installed on your iOS device. If you struggle to understand these steps, don’t worry – just work through them and you will find that it is easy enough. Once Mojo App is installed, you can start adding Mojo Sources and downloading apps and tweaks to modify your iOS device.

Mojo Installer Errors :

There could be a couple of minor errors that show up although not everyone will face them.

  • The first is a certificate error and will stop an app you just installed from running. To fix, tap on Settings > General > Profile and tap on Trust beside the problem app. profile settings ios
  • The second error is a Profile Installation Failed error and you can fix that by following these instructions in the given link.

Are you pinning your hopes on an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak [ ext link – Taig ] or will you give Mojo Installer a try ? Follow us on Facebook for more up to the minute tips and tutorials.




  1. Hi , thank you mojo installer for bringing out the latest Mojo installer for ios 9.3.2 . I have been waiting for iOS 9.3.2 jb for a long time but Pangu team wont come up with one . Also apple release iOS 9.3.3 beta . so i hope nothing is coming .

    1. If it doesnt work for you , we are also in the process if developing Mojo Helper App to download mojo installer on your device

  2. I can’t seem to install the profile. I noticed that on first two certificates the expiration date is July 10th. Could that be the reason for the installation to fail?

  3. Mojo is a good alternative for Cydia. But very small.
    Today mojo link stops working
    In Denmark. For ios9,3,2.
    Hope that the problem will be solved soon.
    Greetings 😎

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