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The last jailbreak seems like such a long time ago now. In the absence of any recent information from the jailbreak teams, we are left wondering how long it will be before we can use Cydia to modify our devices again. We have an interim solution for you to try, and this is also going to work for all of those who don’t want to jailbreak at all but do want a bit more functionality on their devices. The solution is an app installer by the name of Mojo Installer.

Image : Mojo Installer iOS 9.3.4 Download

Mojo does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone but it does offer you something along the lines of Cydia [ext link]. It doesn’t offer as much as Cydia does but you can still add new features and functions to your iPhone that you can’t get from the app store and that Apple won’t let you have on the stock firmware. Learn more about Mojo here and then follow these steps on how to install it to your device.

Steps to Install Mojo Installer on iOS 9.3.4

There are primarily two ways to install Mojo Installer on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.3.4 firmware. Both the methods are listed below step by step along with video instructions. The third method is in beta testing mode and is not available to the public .

Method 1 : Safari Method for Mojo iOS 9.3.4

This method is for complete beginners, those who have no experience of installing third party software on their iOS device:

  1. On your iPhone open Safari ios 10 safari
  2. Now go to this web address  
  3. When the page has loaded up, look for the UP arrow at the bottom of the page and click on it 
  4. Now in the nexts opstions screen tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Rename your app as Mojo as shown in the image below and tap Add
  6. This will place the Mojo app onto your home screen 

Video : This video shows these steps

Method 2 : Using Configuration Profile

This is for the more experienced and is an advanced method:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone
  2. Visit this link [file]
  3. Look for the link that says Install Directly from Your Device and click on it – this will install the required configuration profile onto your iOS device mojo_installer1
  4. Another page will open, click on Build Custom Profile
  5. This opens up the Install Profile page in your Settings app so click on the Install button – if asked, please enter your passcode
  6. Now you will be sent back to Safari, click on Install Mojo and then on Install when asked to confirm
  7. You will now be sent to the Install Profile page in Settings, click on Install
  8. Tap Next followed by Install on the popup warning
  9. A new page will open, click on Install and then on Done

You should now find Mojo on your home screen and can start to explore it and add modifications to your iPhone. Don’t worry if you do not understand these instructions when reading them – follow them and all will become clear. When you get into Mojo, you can also add repositories, in the same way you do in Cydia . Instructions and a list of current Mojo repositories can be found here.

Method 3 :  Mojo Installer PC – Mac

Mojo Installer for Windows and Mac OSX is undergoing development and is still under closed beta testing. To be a beta tester , you can Subscribe to our Facebook page where we open Developers slots , where we allow Pro Mojo users the opportunity try and test out the more advanced Mojo Installer on their Macs and PC.

How to Fix Mojo Errors :

While you shouldn’t have any trouble if you follow the instructions, there are two errors that you might just come up against. The first will be a certificate error and it will show up when an installed app doesn’t run. Fix this by opening Settings > General > Profile and tapping on Trust beside the app that is causing the problem.  The second error is a Profile Installation Failed error and you can find tips on fixing that in the given link.

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