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Whether you are stuck waiting for a new jailbreak or have no desire to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad at this time, you will more than likely be wishing that there was a way to give your device a few more features than the stock iOS offers you. There is a way – it’s called Mojo and it’s an app installer that offers features similar to Cydia. It isn’t as in depth as Cydia is but it does offer you a lot more than what Apple gives you include apps and modifications you wouldn’t otherwise have access to – all without needing to jailbreak first. If you want to know more about Mojo, have a look at this article but if you are ready to install it, follow the steps below.

Image : Mojo Installer iOS 9

How to Install Mojo Installer :

Method 1 :

This is the easy way, for those who have little or no experience of doing this kind of thing.

  1. On your iOS device, open Safari safari_ios_9
  2. Navigate to one of these two links – or as shown in the image below. 
  3. Tap the UP arrow on the page that loads – bottom of the screen for iPhone users, top for iPad users  
  4. On the options screen, tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Name your app and tap on Add 
  6. Close down Safari and you will see the app icon on your home screen 

Video : The following video shows these steps

Method 2 :

This is for more experienced users

  1. Open Safari on your device
  2. Navigate to this link here [ext link]
  3. This is a specially designed Mojo installer page and you will find all the information you need about the app here. You will also find a link that will directly install the Mojo Configuration Profile to your device – it will say Install Directly from your iOS Device – click on this mojo_installer2
  4. This takes you to another page that will give you full instructions on how to build and install a custom profile. Click on the button that says Build Custom Profile and read all of the information before you continue
  5. The Settings app on your device will open to an Install Profile page – click the Install button and enter your passcode if requested
  6. You will be redirected back to Safari – click on Install Mojo 
  7. Click Install on the confirmation box mojo_installer0
  8. Again, you will go back to the Settings app to Install Profile page – click on Install
  9. Tap on Next and, on the warning that pops up, tap on Install
  10. On the page that comes up, click on Install followed by Done

Mojo will now be shown on your home screen. These instructions may seem to be a little involved but once you get into it, they will make more sense to you. Just make sure you follow every step in order to get Mojo on your device. From there, you can open the app and begin installing the apps of your choice. If you run into a problem with an installed app not working, it will be because of its certificate. To solve that, open Settings > General > Profile and tap on Trust beside the apps – they will now work properly profile settings ios

Fixing Errors :

You may be unlucky enough to face a Profile Installation Failed error but you can find instructions on how to get around that here.

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    1. Its true. Since its not from Apple , it will show the error. The Mojo Installer exploits the features by which Apple gives access for app install to its developers though developer portal. We make this option available for everyone for free using the configuration profile . Developers would have to register their device for $99 pear year , we distribute it for free using mojo Installer .

  1. I do need help I caint find anything out about how to use some things on the app is there anyway for me to get ahold of you guys?

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