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In recent years, the iPad has undergone several design changes, resulting in a device that is faster, thinner and much lighter, as well as bigger in the case of the iPad Pro. The iPad benefits greatly from being jailbroken, perhaps more so in many respects than the iPhone but, right now, unless your iPad is running on an iOS version that can be easily jailbroken, you are out of luck. There have been recent jailbreaks shown off but none of them are being released publicly and we are now playing the waiting game. We are not without help, though; there is an app you can use that will help to fill the gap between jailbreaks and its called Mojo Installer.

Image : Mojo Installer Download on iPad

The Mojo Installer is something similar to Cydia in that you can download external tweaks to modify stock apps. The only real differences are that you don’t need to jailbreak to make use of the Mojo installer and it doesn’t provide the depth that Cydia does. However, it is a decent alternative and will certainly help while we wait for a new jailbreak. It is also ideal for those iPad owners who don’t want to go down the route of jailbreaking but still want a small amount of extra functionality on their devices.

How to Install Mojo on the iPad :

There are two ways to do this. Both of them are explained below step by step along with video instructions.

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

This method is for those who are not experienced at installing this kind of app:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPad mojo_ipad_safari_000_ios_10 copy
  2. Type this into your address bar
  3. Tap the UP arrow on the page that loads up , you will find it at the top of the screen  
  4. A new window will appear, tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Name the app Mojo and tap on Add 
  6. Close Safari down and the Mojo app icon will be visible on your home page 

Video:  The following video shows you these steps

Method 2 : Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

This method is for the more advanced user

  1. On your iPad, open Safari
  2. Open this[ link ] so that the Mojo Configuration Profile can be installed onto your iPad 
  3. A new page will load up , click on Install Directly From Your Device 
  4. Another page opens, click Build Custom Profile. Make sure you read the information first
  5. The settings app on your iPad will open onto the Install Profile Click on Install and, if requested, input your passcode
  6. You will be directed back to Safari, click on Install Mojo
  7. A confirmation window will appear, click on Install
  8. Again, you will be sent back to the Profile page on your Settings app, click on Install
  9. A warning screen will appear, click on Next > Install
  10. On the next page, click Install and then Done

That’ all there is to it. Provided you follow these steps properly, the Mojo app will be installed correctly on your iPad. Open the app to install the available Mojo sources and then you can begin to download the apps and tweaks that you want.

Troubleshooting Mojo Installer :

While most people will have no trouble installing Mojo onto their iPad, you may be unlucky enough to come against a couple of small errors. These are easy to fix, though:

  1. If one of your apps won’t run after installation, open Settings > General > Profile on your iPad. Look for the troublesome app and click on Trust beside it
  2. If you are faced with a Profile Installation Failed error, the linked article gives you full details on how to fix it.

Do let us know how you get on with Mojo and what you think of it. To make sure you always get access to tips and tutorials like this, follow us on Facebook .

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    1. Both the methods need good internet. slow internet will cause safari loop issue. make sure you have good internet. turn on airplane mode, then turn off and try again.

  1. Hi. Trying to use method 2 to install on iPad 2 running iOS 9.35. Page just shows “installing Mojo Installer” and does nothing. Any ideas. Also will this allow me to upgrade to iOS 10 or 11.

    1. You are stuck on the installing page. You have to restart the process once again after quitting safari.

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