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With iOS 10 out and being updated on a regular basis, we are now waiting on a jailbreak for iOS 10+. There hasn’t been any news on when we can expect to see one and jailbreakers are starting to miss Cydia, to miss the ability to modify their iOS devices. However, while we wait for news on a jailbreak, we do have some good news for you, in the form of Mojo Plus.

Image : Mojo Plus Download

Mojo Plus is an app installer that is a little like Cydia in that users can download tweaks and other apps that help to modify the stock iOS. However, it is not a jailbreak and it is not as in-depth as Cydia is but it is a decent measure to use while we wait for a new version of Cydia and for those who don’t want to jailbreak anyway.  Mojo Plus contains quite a few apps and tweaks that you will never find on the iOS app store, like iRec, the highly popular screen recorder app. You cannot download Mojo plus through the app store; instead, you will have to follow the steps we outline below to get it onto your iOS device.

Mojo Plus App Installer Features :

  • No need to jailbreak to enjoy Mojo Plus
  • Tweaks can be used to modify stock and app store apps
  • Just like you do with Cydia, you can add new sources to Mojo
  • Includes a Quick Search tool to help you find tweaks and apps easier
  • Ability to track all your downloads using the Package History tool
  • Easy to delete if you no longer need it
  • Mojo Plus has been updated to support iOS 10

How to Install Mojo Plus :

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open the Safari browser ios 10 safari
  2. Go to the address bar and type in 
  3. When the web page has loaded fully, tap the UP arrow – top of the screen on the iPad and bottom for the iPhone 
  4. A list of options will appear; click on Add to Home Screen to pick where the app icon is saved to 
  5. Call the app icon Mojo Plus and tap the Add button   
  6. Come out of Safari and look for the Mojo Plus app icon on your home screen 

Video:  This video demonstrates these steps

Fixing Mojo Plus Errors :

Some users are reporting one of two different errors. Neither of these errors is much of a problem and both are easy to fix. The first is a Profile Installation Failed error and you will find the steps to fix it in the given link. The second error is if one of your apps does not run after downloading it from Mojo Plus. To fix this, open Settings > General > Profile on your iOS device and look down the list for the app that is causing the problem – tap on Trust beside it and the app will run OK now. profile settings ios

Using Mojo Plus on iPhone :

Using Mojo Plus on your iOS device is simple:

  1. Open Mojo Plus app
  2. Search for the app or tweak using the Quick Search feature
  3. If you want more choice, install new sources
  4. All the information you need to download and install is given with each app

Tell us what you think of Mojo Plus ? Will it be something you use while we wait for an iOS 10 Jailbreak [ext link] ? Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tutorials like this sent to your inbox.



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