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Mojo Installer is a very popular alternative to jailbreaking, especially in the absence of any recent jailbreak tools. Many users are now trying out Mojo [about] as a way of downloading tweaks into their iOS devices without having to jailbreak, one of the major features of the app. While it doesn’t provide as much functionality as Cydia does, it is a good alternative as a gap filler and, once you have downloaded it, it is simple to find the modifications and apps that you want and download them.  The great thing about this is, because you don’t need to jailbreak, you can happily enjoy added features to some of your favorite apps without getting into trouble and risking having your warranty voided.

Image : Profile Installation Failed on Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer Profile Installation Failed

Installing Mojo App Installer :

Although this isn’t as simple as downloading an app from the iOS app store, it isn’t that difficult and you don’t need to be technically-minded to do it. All you need to do is follow the steps given in this tutorial carefully and you will soon be able to modify your iOS device without a jailbreak.

So far, most people who have installed and used Mojo have had no problems with the installation but a few users have reported a minor error in the form of a Profile Installation Failed error message.


Steps to Fix Profile Installation Failed Error :

The most likely reason for this error message is a server overload, down to the sheer amount of traffic, and the best option is simply to leave it and wait a while. When you try again, you should find that the error has resolved itself and you can continue with the app installation. If that does not work, the next step is to clear your browser history and cache. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Put your device into Airplane Mode airplane mode 3
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap on Safari
  4. Tap on Clear History and Website Data clear history and website data2
  5. Tap on Clear History and Dataclear history and website data1
  6. You can now turn Airplane mode off and then wait a few minutes before you try to download the app again

These steps should clear the issue and you will be able to Download Mojo Installer and start enjoying new features and apps that you can’t get with the stock iOS. In case you were wondering, Mojo is perfectly safe to use. It is NOT a jailbreak and it doesn’t go quite as deep as the tweaks in Cydia go. That said, it is a good alternative for those who are missing their jailbreak tweaks and those who don’t want to jailbreak but want a few more features.

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  1. This solution does not wor on mystère iphone 6s plus. The roble keep being the same and the profil can’t be install…

  2. Hey Team Mojo really need help I really want to install Mojo an give it a shot cuz it looks awesome but I cannot install the profile I’ve done it many times now an instead of it saying “Verified” in green it stays red an says “Not Verified” I also tried the alternative way to get Mojo . please help

      1. I once had mojo and then I deleted it. When I tried to install it again it says that it’s signed by mojo and then in red it says “not verified”

  3. I can install the Mojo Installer perfectly fine but when i install a game my phone says the game could not be installed at that time. I tried it a little later and it still did not work. How can i fix this?

  4. Hey. I’m wanting to try to download iOS 10.1.2 on Mojo but it says its not verified. How do I verify it so I can download it? p.s I have an IPod 5th generation, stuck on iOS 9.3.5

  5. I got a iPhone 6, iOS 2.1.1 Beta Public, tried to install Mojo app, the “Signed by Not Signed” under the Mojo Installer is in red and unable to install any apps. tried all the vlog posting on how to correct this issue but no such success, any recommendations. Please note, I’ve tried multiple devices running 10.2 iOS versions, all with the same results.

  6. iOS 10.2 profile isn’t signed or verified can not down load any apps nor will apps already downloaded work no way to trust profile either

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