Mojo Installer Safe ?

Mojo Installer is the name that everyone is talking about right now. It is an app installer [read more] that allows you to download certain mods and features to boost the stock iOS; not quite a jailbreak but more than what Apple gives us. It is the non-jailbreak alternative to Cydia and, while it doesn’t provide anywhere near as much functionality as Cydia does, it certainly provides enough to make it worthwhile using, either as a stop gap measure between jailbreaks or for those of you that don’t want to jailbreak their devices.

Image : Mojo Installer Safety Concerns

At the moment, we are in between jailbreak, with the last one being issued for iOS 9.1. While we have seen the occasional tweet or video uploaded showing a later jailbreak, none of these have been publicly released and are unlikely to be.  Many users have been forced to update beyond iOS 9.1 because of a series of bugs that Apple fixed in subsequent iOS updates and that has left them high and dry without the use of a jailbreak on their devices.  The reason they jailbreak is because the stock iOS simply doesn’t do enough and Cydia offers them the choice of tweaks and modifications to make it more functional. However, we do know that, while jailbreaking is now legal, at least until 2018, Apple will void the warranty of anyone who is found to have a jailbreak on their iOS devices. Of course, jailbreaks are easy to remove if you need to take your iPhone or iPad into an Apple store but, as of now, if you do that you have no chance of jailbreaking until a new tool is out.

Is Mojo Installer Safe and Legal ?

So, does the same thing happen with Mojo ? Some will say yes, it does because you are modifying stock apps and others say that it doesn’t. We can tell you that Apple Cannot Void your Warranty for using Mojo because you have not breached the iOS security. Although you are downloading modifications to stock iOS apps from external sources, you are not doing it by applying a jailbreak and neither are you using unauthorized external apps. Technically, you are only tweaking some of the stock iOS apps, gaining extra features, without stepping outside of the iOS framework and breaching the security layers.

We all know that, if we take a jailbroken device to an Apple store, they can refuse to honor the warranty and will not fix your device unless you pay for it. If you were to install Mojo on your iOS device and have to take it in, you would be safe to do so. However, if you do feel a little uneasy about it, uninstalling Mojo is as simple as opening Settings > Mojo Profile and tapping on Remove Profile [ read tutorial ]. So, if you are looking for a solution to tide you over until the next jailbreak or you simply want a bit more functionality on your iOS device, without voiding your warranty, Mojo may be the answer.

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  1. My ipod 5th gen wont let me have ios 11 it says you have ios 9.3.5 your software is up to date. And i did all the steps.

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