These installers give us access to a number of Cydia features, including some of the best tweaks, without the need to jailbreak first and one of the best is TweakBox. Nothing has been heard from the regular jailbreak teams in recent times and nobody knows if they are still working on a utility or if they have stopped altogether. All we do know is that, without access to an updated version of Cydia  , we are not able to modify our devices, to download the apps and tweaks we have come to rely on in the past. Recently, there have been several developments outside the jailbreak community and several app installers have been released.Image : TweakBox App

Features of TweakBox :

TweakBox [ext link] is the most comprehensive installer we have come across to date, full of useful features that you could once only get from Cydia. Whether you want your favorite game, the latest releases or tweaks to modify your device, TweakBox can provide it:

  • Includes all the latest and best paid and premium apps 
  • Modified games, giving you full access to all the in-game bonuses you want without paying for them, including coins, and lives as well as other cheats
  • Modified apps, iOS app store and stock, providing features you can’t get from anywhere else
  • Apps that won’t make it past Apple’s security guidelines, even though they are safe
  • All the best Cydia apps and tweaks, like emulators and screen recorders

Download TweakBox :

Because there is no need to jailbreak, anyone can download TweakBox and make use of all its features. For more information check out the links below:

  1. From the home screen of your iOS device, tap the icon for Safari to open it 
  2. Go to this website 
  3. There will be an UP arrow on the page that comes up; tap on it 
  4. Some choices will appear on the screen, choose Add to Home Screen [ it will be the middle option ] 
  5. You will need to give the icon a new name so type TweakBox into the box. Tap the Add button and come out of Safari 
  6. You should now see the TweakBox app icon on the home page 

Video: This will walk you through installing TweakBox

TweakBox vs Mojo :

Another favorite app installer to be released earlier was called Mojo Installer but is it as good, better than or nowhere to the capabilities of TweakBox ? Remember, TweakBox offers the widest range of jailbreak and non-jailbreak tweaks and apps that we have ever seen outside of Cydia.

Image : Mojo Installer vs TweakBox

Mojo also contains quite a range of features, including emulators [ Delta Emulator – ext link ] and screen recorders [ AirShou ], and, unlike TweakBox, you can install repo sources in the same way you do with Cydia, to get more content. Both are kept up to date although TweakBox gets the latest content much faster. Which one do you install ? That depends on exactly what you want but TweakBox has the edge in terms of available content.

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