We are all very well acquainted with how secure Apple likes their iOS to be, right down to be very cagey on what they will and will not allow you to do on your iOS device. The iOS app store is monitored incredibly closely and only those apps that pass the stringent security testing that Apple has in place will be allowed in. Apart from those, Apple is not going to let you download apps from anywhere else, as their constant battle with the jailbreakers is a testament to.

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Jailbreaking has, so far, been the only way to get around this security but, because of the perceived risks, not everyone wants to do it. As such, they are missing out on tons of benefits, like being able to install paid apps and games for nothing. Now, thanks to an app called vShare, everyone can have access to these without having to jailbreak.

What is vShare and How Does It Work ?

vShare is, in essence, a pirate app store that works on all devices, regardless of whether they are jailbroken or not. Because of a loophole in app store security, it is perfectly legal to download vShare at the moment but you should do so now before Apple patches up the hole.

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vShare works by making use of invalid and expired certificates. These certificates are purchased by companies who are part of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program and allow the companies to produce apps that can be shared amongst their employees without having to go through the app store first. The vShare developers have been able to get their hands on some of these certificates so that they can develop a pirate app store inside of an app. That means that vShare contains a large number of paid and premium apps and games that you can download for free, including popular games like GTA and Minecraft PE.

How to Download vShare using Mojo Installer :

In order to Download vShare [ext link] on a device that has not been jailbroken, you must first download an app installer called Mojo. Mojo Installer is similar in many ways to Cydia, allowing you to add tweaks and external apps to your iOS device but without having to jailbreak first. You can read more about Mojo Installer and all it features in the given link, but let’s look at how to install it.

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device safari_ios_9
  2. Go to mojoinstaller.org or mojoapp.org 
  3. Tap on the UP arrow, which you will find at the bottom of an iPhone screen and the top of an iPad    
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen from the options   
  5. Name the app Mojo and tap on Add  
  6. Close down Safari and you will see the app on your home screen

Now that you have Mojo, you can go ahead and download vShare from within Mojo app .

  1. Open Mojo app from your Home Screen
  2. In the Quick Search box, type in vShare
  3. When the results come up, tap on the app and download it
  4. It will work straight away

It isn’t difficult to get either Mojo or vShare on your device; it’s just a little bit more involved than downloading an app from the app store.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of vShare. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tutorials.

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  1. Installed Mojo without any problem, but when I type vShare in the searchbox it doesn’t appear anything, Im using iPad 4 ( iPad air 1).

  2. Guys please help , I installed mojo and searched for vShare , found vShare on mojo but do not know to tap where to begin installation I tapped on VShare Icon but the only option that appears is “Save image as “

  3. I am trying to get vshare on mojo but it,s mojo 5 how can I get the mojo that has vshare I want the mojo before they changed it to mojo 5 can you help

  4. Hi Mojo Team,
    Your app is great, thank you.
    Before I was using Vshare downloaded from a previous version of Mojo but now with the latest version of Mojo when I type Vshare there is nothing. Why??

  5. When I type in ‘vShare’ nothing appears and I don’t know how to get any other version besides 5

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